Fun at Interop 2011

On October 12, 2011, in News, by Brittany

I recently attended the Interop Conference in New York with Jim Miller and Jon Swanson; we represented IOCOM and showed off Visimeet’s abilities. Tradeshows can often be hit or miss; if you’re at a show with little traffic coming to your booth the day can seem endless. On the other hand, your booth can be one of the most popular booths in the hall and by the end of the day you are shocked by how fast time flew by. For us, Interop flew by and was over before we could even look at the other booths.

The best part of the show was meeting with so many people from a wide variety of fields. I met individuals who were educators, doctors, IT professionals, business owners, and more. The common thread amongst all of the visitors was that they were looking for a resource that would improve efficiency, effectiveness, and save money. Whether they owned their own business or worked in a corporation, they wanted to make their job easier and improve communication.

I’ll be honest and let you know that many were initially drawn to our booth by the candy dish, however, once they looked up from the sweets and noticed what we were demoing they were hooked. At first they stood back and watched the videos that were streaming, trying to soak everything in and understand what they were looking at. The first question was usually, “What is it?” I would let them know that we provide video collaboration software, what they were seeing on the screen, and they were shocked; “But the video is so clear!” “Those are all different tools?” “How are you seeing so many videos?” They were shocked and confused because they have never seen such a robust and high quality video conferencing solution. Once I explained that Visimeet offers high quality video and audio and can communicate with a large number of sites while using a robust toolset, they started to look disappointed. They immediately assumed Visimeet cost a fortune so I set them straight and told them the prices and their attitude quickly changed. Many left promising to download Visimeet and were excited about an affordable solution that meetings all of their needs.

I enjoy hearing how the visitors envision Visimeet solving many of their problems. From connecting coworkers around the world to connecting doctors with patients in remote Alaskan towns, Visimeet helping overcome a wide range of hurdles. I often hear how other video conferencing systems aren’t meeting their needs and this helps not only reinforce my belief that we offer the best software, but, that we need to continue to do so. Many visitors simply thought that video conferencing technology has yet to catch up with the concept or with how people want to use it; I think we changed their minds.

Hopefully we’ll see everyone again next year; we can’t wait to hear from you.



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