Visimeet is a powerful video conferencing and collaboration tool that scales from desktop users with a single camera to high definition (HD) Telepresence conference rooms with multiple cameras all using the same software and interface. Using the computer as a platform provides the flexibility to use commercial off the shelf hardware to create a meeting space with the video, audio, and data input points needed at a low cost. This provides a very scalable solution that is also easy to use with a common interface for all users. IOCOM offers the most reliable and cost effective method for delivering highly available video collaboration to the end user.

  • The most comprehensive video conferencing and collaboration solution available
  • Instant visual communication between multiple users over broadband internet connections
  • First class video and audio experience
  • Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android
  • IOCOM Visimeet includes a full suite of collaboration tools and features
  • Visimeet users meet over a secure connection
  • Accelerates business processes and drives productivity
  • Connect through the Visimeet Cloud or a private server

Visimeet can be used anywhere, it does not lock you to a specific location or require you to use a particular computer. This is beneficial when traveling, at home, or if your Telepresence suite is reserved.