Virtually bring doctors, patients, medical staff, specialists, and researchers together seamlessly without the need for travel.

IOCOM's video collaboration software, Visimeet, is an advantageous toolset for clinics, hospitals, and private practices that have adopted Telehealth. Visimeet was designed to facilitate collaboration among multiple locations with little maintenance and difficulty. Share any VGA, HDMI, USB device in real time. Offsite specialists can review telemetry information without traveling. Shared data is transmitted in the same format and is not altered. Visimeet is a software based application that runs on any computer. Any input, audio, video, or data, that can be brought into the computer can be shared with all other participants.

The use of Visimeet as a telehealth service is an affordable opportunity to improve patient care, response time, collaboration, and communication while maximizing current resource potential.

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Improve meeting attendance and effectiveness

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Visimeet can be applied to a wide range of medical fields

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Maximize Resources and Improve Care

Maximize resources and provide prompt care by reducing travel enabling doctors to be ready at the click of a button

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Quick Features

  • Communicate with medical staff and patients quickly and easily with the contact list
  • Instantly provide consultation
  • Transmit live data feeds
  • Collaborate with multiple users at the same time
  • Send email invitations to scheduled meetings with links that automatically send Visimeet users into a meeting
  • Control enabled features for attendees
  • Fully scalable