The future of visual collaboration. Since our inception, IOCOM has been totally focused on building the future of online, real-time visual communications and collaboration. Headquartered in London and with a global development and support team, IOCOM has a global reach and capability. IOCOM is a software platform that runs on any desktop PC, Mac, mobile device or via the web.

IOCOM: Enabling real-world visual collaboration

We believe that video conferencing should be easy, efficient and save time. It should be simple and it should always work. It should enhance the productivity of participants in a meeting, not detract from it. That’s why we don’t call what we do video conferencing – we call it visual collaboration.

IOCOM is led by a team of successful business people and expert advisors

The company is managed and led by a new management team consisting of leading entrepreneurs and elite business people. Chief Executive, Alan Lowe, and Director, Lord Victor Adebowale, are leading figures in the development of technology that helps transform lives in healthcare, education and the broader public and private sectors.

IOCOM is patented and unique

The IOCOM Visual Business Platform (VBP) contains technology that is the basis for 29 issued patents. Our VBP promotes the deepest levels of interaction and engagement for organisations, their customers and business partners. Where videoconferencing and screen sharing has failed, IOCOM delivers.

IOCOM is re-defining what it means to communicate

Our Visual Business Platform brings video collaboration into a new century. We’re re-defining what it means to have a business meeting by breaking down physical and virtual barriers between people and technology. Organisations move forward when people work together and technology is an enabler rather than barrier to progress. Our mission is to make an IOCOM meeting and all the collaborative benefits we bring accessible to anyone on any device.

IOCOM is about meaningful real-time collaboration

When organisations choose IOCOM, they are opening the door to a brave new world of instant, yet meaningful collaboration.

IOCOM plays nice with others

Unlike the competition, IOCOM is designed differently and links to key industry standards, so we can talk to other platforms and technologies without creating the usual technical headaches associated with alternative platforms. We offer a set of open interfaces to enable our customers to connect our platform to other business applications and systems.