Any purpose collaboration

IOCOM is flexible, scalable and ready to meet the communications and collaboration demands of any business. Our technology works for any application and in any industry. Reliable, capable and comprehensive visual collaboration from IOCOM.

Visual Business Platform

An IOCOM Visual Business Platform (VBP) is the means by which organisations can bring together all their stakeholders across different teams, departments, sites and companies to collaborate and communicate in real-time.

Unlimited connections, limitless potential

Participants can bring in any video, imaging or visual device and all of these devices can be viewed as part of a single IOCOM meeting.

Total collaboration

Participants can join from anywhere in the world and feel part of a true collaborative experience with full support for multi-screen, multi-user video meetings, document, desktop and individual application sharing.

Connecting you to your stakeholders

IOCOM is the software that connects organisations with all their stakeholders. Customers can speak directly to their suppliers. Suppliers can do business in real-time and business partners can develop plans together.