IOCOM in Enterprise

IOCOM empowers teams, departments, operating companies and holding groups to communicate and collaborate across global and technical boundaries. Whether it's mobile or desktop conferencing or the most sophisticated conference rooms, the IOCOM Visual Business Platforms gives companies the most powerful, private and customisable collaboration system on the market today.

One platform

One affordable, enterprise-grade platform to connect your staff, partners and customers.

Industry specific applications

Configure bespoke industry-specific applications to suit any business need.

Brand your own

Deploy fully-branded versions of IOCOM applications across your own business platforms.

Deploy private or hosted solutions

Choose to deploy your own dedicated server or use IOCOM in the cloud.

Accelerate results with quicker decision-making

Enjoy instant access to the right teams without the need to travel or book a meeting.

Increase expertise

Gain instant access to subject-matter experts right when you need them.

Personal system

Create industry specific meetings with optimum visual collaboration via Iocom.

Products from every angle. Utilise multiple cameras for muliple views.
Collaborate anywhere. Connect from offices, factories, stores or in the field.
Real-time inspection cameras. Get close-up views of critical objects and products.
Integrate into your environment. Make IOCOM part of your overall collaborative environment.

Visual Workstations

Build an advanced set-up for real-time visual collaboration, communications and monitoring.

24/7 monitoring. Observe factories and warehouses in real-time to promote quality and standards.
Minimise downtime. Get instant support from the right people instantly and from anywhere.
Image capture flexibility. Employ any camera from microscopic inspection to wall cameras with enormous zoom capabilities.
Build visual workstations. Construct custom solutions from totally-portable to flat wall installations.

Organisation-wide Meetings

Connect your entire network whether you're in legal, finance, retail, automation, energy or entertainment industries. Communication and collaborate visually with staff, customers and business partners with all relevant data readily accessible.

Consistent communication. Achieve timely, high quality communication between executives, regional/site/area managers and employees.
Watch again. Refer back to historical meeting recordings for training and audit purposes.
Remote learning. Train your entire workforce from the comfort of your own desk and bring in experts as needed.
Mentoring. Draft in industry insiders and experts to complement internal capabilities.

Large Scale Events

Create meetings to accommodate large numbers of participants at multiple sites or geographies.

Company conferences. Communicate with all your staff to enhance morale and information flows.
Damage Limitation. Respond quickly and effectively to emergency business situations.
International Collaboration. Bring together global teams in an instant.
Research and Development. Collaborate around specific projects and plans without geographic or time boundaries.