VisiMeet is a feature rich solution that offers a variety of tools for an all-inclusive experience. It can work as a stand-alone service or be fully or partially integrated into a separate service. In addition to running as a software solution, VisiMeet is also available as a web only offering called VisiWeb which offers many of the same tools and features without the need to install.


The same software can scale from laptop to auditorium, small screen to large screen, without any additional work or different software. The software scales to fit its environment.

VisiMeet and integrated software can be used on any device, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Choose the device and hardware that suits your needs and budget.


Between VisiMeet's low monthly subscription rates and the ability to choose any hardware, VisiMeet not only performs better than any other service, it is more affordable.

Additionally, businesses looking to add video conferencing tools to their service no longer need to spend time and money developing software, IOCOM's integration options are an affordable alternative.