IOCOM is a Visual Business Platform (VBP) that enables organisations to connect and collaborate with their customers, business partners and suppliers in real-time and without boundaries. Organisations can use IOCOM in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution. It is the best solution when you cannot be physically present but want all of the benefits of highly sophisticated, face-to-face interaction and the power of unlimited image/data sources and screens.

Visual Business Platform

An IOCOM Visual Business Platform (VBP) is the means by which organisations can bring together all their stakeholders across different teams, departments, sites and companies to collaborate and communicate in real-time.

Unlimited connections, limitless potential

IOCOM is engineered differently than every video conferencing platform using patented technology that enables multiple independent data, audio and video streams.

Total collaboration

Participants can join from anywhere in the world and feel part of a truly immersive experience employing a wide array of advanced collaboration tools.


Individual streams can be laid out according to the personal preferences of users across multiple screens unlike standard video conferencing systems.


Send simultaneous data streams into meeting from any device.


Feed images from up to eight web or room cameras into a meeting from a single Mac or PC.

The benefits of IOCOM

IOCOM is so much more than a video conferencing platform. It is a way that organisations can employ total collaboration across departmental and geographic boundaries. With IOCOM, work can be seamless, real-time and highly-efficient. IOCOM sets a new benchmark for unprecedented levels of advanced video collaboration at an affordable price.

Unbeatable meeting experience. Gain multi-point HD-ready video and high quality audio with independent, controllable streams
Any device, any screen from phone to auditorium. Capture and share your entire desktop or individual applications - even across multiple screens
Total collaboration toolkit. Share files and business documents such as presentations, PDFs, websites, audio and video during the meeting
Operating system agnostic. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, WebRTC and Android

What is a Visual Business Platform (VBP)?

A VBP enables organisations to collaborate with customers and partners in real-time. IOCOM works via the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution.

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Our worldwide client roster

At IOCOM, we have clients in a wide range of industry sectors and geographies. Some of our clients are listed below.

BP Ronin Capital Transunion Rolls-Royce NHS One The London Clinic Global Telehealth Solutions Digital Worlds Janet ACEnet University of Surrey University of Birmingham RiAUS Nerc Argonne National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory